Businesses Funding with Lending Team!

If you are interested in seeing the impact the lending team idea is having, check out this page!  I’ll be updating it whenever a new member joins and more funds come in.  By marking “Fund KB First” in the memo lines of their checks, the team members of “Supporting Kiva, Supporting Kiva Fellow Josh Bull” have not only helped defray the costs of my Kiva Fellowship, they have also been a part in helping the following entrepreneurs get access to the capital they need to realize their dreams.  

Click their pictures to view their business page!

0. Josh Bull (in a few months!)  

1.  Valentin Mamani Villa 

2.  Victor Eduardo Maquera Choque  

3. Oykhol Kurbanova  

4. Abdumajod Dusmatov

5. Abdumutalib Latipov

6. Marvin José Maltez Herrera

7. San Antonio de Padua Group

8. Ladislao de Jesús Garcia Ruiz  

9. Ni Putu Muliasih

10. Chea Saret

11. Mavzuna Mzaffarova

12. Umarali Sheraliev


13. Hilda Villalobos hilda villalobos

14. Hilda Huamani Mallma hilda huamani mallama

15. Irma Pillpe Peña irma peña

16. Keyla Arimuya Inuma Keyla Arimuya Inuma

17. Ruth Victoria Casafranca Medina Ruth Victoria Casafranca Medina

18. Alicia Huaman Cardenas Alicia Huaman Cardenas

19. Mengi Tarimo Group Mengi Tarimo Group

20+…  It’s up to you!


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