Who Does This?

What I said once:

The Now It’s Personal postings will truly be PSEUDOMEMORIES- postings from that exotic land between memories and imagination, past and future, reality and hope, dreams and waking life- in sum, where I live day-to-day.

What another once said:

indeed you are a wanderer, a ponderer. pondering,
wandering down a beach a street
calloused… feet?
surely you must be beat.
irregular sleep might have you confused
but the poet inside, he is unquestionably amused
this is when he thrives he drives
to figure out the world, himself
storing up one-liners in his mind’s shelf
volumes of scribbled thoughts in disarray
not all who wander are lost just prone to stray
from prepackaged answers, from a weary cliche
yes. this is life. the world is full.
of off-beaten paths and too few like josh bull.
so keep on wandering, for your soul’s romance
and drink your cortados and dance your salsa dance.


And sometimes I get involved in a disco dance-off with a stranger at 4am at someone’s 27th birthday party who I met two days earlier in a country I arrived in three days earlier…and lose.  I mean, I can’t do the dropback/bounceup move; I’m not 22 anymore.  Let it be known I did better dancing to the BeeGees but my opponent was in the restroom and we ended battling to a different song (Ladies Night?).


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