Posted by: joshtoro | January 12, 2009

A Thank You

Hey guys,

Sierra has just written a very good (in my opinion) blog entry about her experience in Honduras.  Check it out here:
if you haven’t seen Kieran’s video yet, I highly recommend it:

It gives a great and humorous view of a Kiva loan from click to reception.

In a more direct note about this thread to my donors,
in the middle of my kiva fellowship I was reassigned to Microfinanzas PRISMA Peru and have been working with their branches in Tarma and Huancayo on a veritable ‘journaling blitz’.  If you recall, I was initially supposed to go to Emprender in La Paz, Bolivia for the second half of my fellowship.  Since I had to be back in the States on January 16th and they wanted their first Kiva Fellow to be able to stay for an extended period of time, Kiva had to find someone who could fit that role better than I.  

I am happy to report, especially to our anonymous donor of our fundraising dinner way back in September who split his/her funds between Sierra and I, that Kiva has chosen Sierra Visher to replace me and be the first Kiva Fellow to Emprender!!!  If you read her most recent post on the Fellows Blog mentioned above, you will be as excited as I am.

Thanks again for all your support and comments!  The dinner we had in September went a long way in helping me fund the housing and transportation for my kiva fellowship; I can only hope the hundreds of journal updates, dozens of videos, and handful of blog posts over the past few months have underscored how big an effect lenders like you have had on the lives of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in all areas of the world… and the effect donors like you have had on us two kiva fellows… whatever we produce, you had a hand in it by allowing us this incredible opportunity to chronicle the lives of the working poor!  

kiva fellow josh bull


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