Posted by: joshtoro | December 21, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Kiva Fellow

Dear Sir:

Please find my lack of communication on the blog to be due to extraordinarily long working hours with PRISMA Peru.  With days that start at 6am or earlier and end at 9pm or later, it is quite difficult to find time to get on the internet, much less upload creative content.  In any case, I have finally uploaded a video that gives insight into how business owners are found for the journal updates (featured under What Will You Be Doing?) that make the investments on Kiva worthwhile to many lenders.  As YouTube (via iMovie) will not accept videos longer than 10 minutes, I split the video into two parts.  If you go to the YouTube site, you can watch the videos in higher quality; I am uncertain of how to make my embedded video the same.  In addition, I have uploaded over thirty photos from my past week in Tarma and the surrounding villages in Junin Province, Peru.


Kiva Fellow Josh Bull


A Day in the Life Part 1:

A Day in the Life Part 2:


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