Posted by: joshtoro | November 2, 2008

The Encounter Poem

I wish it were as easy as just letting go
The moment of fear, I looked to the sky
When I turned my gaze down
I saw

stranger in the dark
Tried to run
Run away
What is left behind comes ahead
strangers in the dark
I’m terrified

I looked to the sky
When I turned my gaze down
I saw

Barrel of a gun
You cannot have my pride
No I know it’s not my time
Raise your hands to the sky
Close your eyes
Counting backwards from three
This is real
Oh my God
Help me

I looked into the sky
And saw the Dark
When I turned my gaze down
I saw

When I turned my gaze up
I saw the Stranger
Stranger in the Dark
Oh God
I’m terrified
Take anything you need
Just don’t take me

I looked into the dark
And saw


This was written after listening to Taylor Carson’s “Stranger in the Dark” off his Tangled in Truth album on repeat for an hour while walking through a dangerous neighborhood.  To listen to the song, click here.  It’s track 9 on the left side of the screen. (Note, the barrel of a gun stanza is basically just bits & pieces of Taylor’s song jumbled together.  If you want to buy his album, click here.)  Cool thing is I actually met Taylor when he was recording his first album in his basement in early 2005; he gave me a copy before he had even finished it.  Now he’s on his third album and if you can tell by this song, doing quite well.  To hear the whole song via a crappy and/or creepy video I uploaded on YouTube, click here.  iTunes won’t let me share my music, so I threw together three pics and added the song.  It’s best watched with closed eyes 🙂



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