Posted by: joshtoro | August 6, 2008

Posted: Trespassers Welcome

That should be the sign hanging underneath every blog because, really, blogs are like an open invitation to read your diary.

Lucky for me, my diary is written to an imaginary audience populated by people just like you.

So welcome. Welcome to my blog. I hope that these first few sentences prove enticing enough to read to the middle and even the end of this entry. You (collectively and singularly) are reading this blog because somehow or another, you have entered into the ´friend´ status with Josh Bull or because you enjoy reading about what he does or maybe because you accidentally typed in a 22 character web address that just happened to read .

About once a week starting in the second half of August, I’ll post a new entry full of witty insights, carefully constructed anecdotes, general introspections and extrospections, tangents into economic and political histories of various countries and the implications for today, and anachronistic filler talk like milking the cow or how to build a log cabin.  The blog is entitled PseudoMemories & VeriDreams- Josh Bull & Kiva Borrowers for two simple reasons.  The first is that my personal blog is PseudoMemories, so named because my postings are usually PseudoMemories from that exotic land between memories and imagination, past and future, reality and hope, dreams and waking life- in sum, where I live day-to-day.  Kiva Borrowers, however, deserve the title VeriDreams.  If they had a blog, it would be about their entrepreneurial hard work turning their dreams into reality (Veri being the Latin root for true).  Loans of small amounts of money from you and I via Kiva assist them in this process.  Thus, this blog will document the story of what happens when the two sides, PseudoMemories and VeriDreams, meet.

Now to end with a fantastic concluding sentence that’ll leave you hanging on the edge of your seats for what will come nex….


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